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About Our Staffing Services in Detroit, MI

Detroit Resources Inc. offers staffing services that takes pride in placing employees in jobs where they will be best suited. Our customers know that when they get an employee from Detroit Resources, the employee has been carefully screened and is well suited for the job at hand.

Roe Grammatico & Marilyn Coolman, Recruiters

Our vision began in 2015 and, with a focus and determination, Detroit Resources Inc. became a reality on August 3, 2015. Partners Roe Grammatico and Marilyn Coolman worked together over 20 years ago in the staffing industry; however, they drifted apart, with Marilyn beginning work in the IT field and Roe remaining in recruiting primarily for the machine tool industry. They reconnected in the fall of 2014 and began working together again, rediscovering their effectiveness as a dynamic team.

Roe and Marilyn take great pride in the relationships built between the client companies and employees they have acquired over the last 25 years. They are also excited to build their client base and meet and hire new employees. Our client companies trust and depend on Detroit Resources to get them the right person for the job, so it is imperative to them to maintain a personal relationship quality with employees. Employees are not just another number, and customers are not just a name programmed into a phone. In times like these, where this quality is endangered, Detroit Resources seeks to revive it.